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5 Best Pregnancy Pillows for Comfort During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a phase most women go through at some point in their life. While it is a wonderful experience, it can also get very uncomfortable. It is common to experience exhaustion, lethargy and extreme fatigue especially in the third trimester. You may even find it difficult then to pick up an item from the ground.

Your body needs adequate rest and sleep through pregnancy to help you manage the inherent discomforts. Body pain is very common as well, but thankfully, there are some support items you can get to help you get more comfortable.

You could go for a pregnancy pillow. A pregnancy pillow is a comfort pillow specially designed to brace a pregnant woman’s body in several areas prone to aches, in order to help give relief from the pains that are generally associated with pregnancy. They are made to be large and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs.

The types of pregnancy pillows available are:

  1. Pregnancy Wedge Pillows: These are readily available in the market and also inexpensive. It is shaped as a wedge so you place it underneath the baby bump as you lie on your side. It supports the weight of your baby so the pressure on your back is eased off for a while.
  2. Neck Support Pillow: Since it is common to get severe discomfort along the spine in pregnancy, these are designed to support your head and neck. This would help the spine stay relaxed.
  3. Custom-fit Full Body Pillow: These are pricier and designed to support either the head/neck region, belly/back region or back/leg/ankle region.
  4. Back Support Pillow: These are made to keep you from rolling on your back when sleeping, so they are designed to wrap round your back. This ensures your back is well supported.
  5. Side Pillow: These are not designed to take much space and are used to help make the head and neck muscles to relax.

Advantages of Using a Pregnancy Pillow

  1. It helps to brace and support your growing baby bump so there is less pressure there and your back is also relaxed.
  2. These pillows are designed with hypoallergenic materials to help prevent possible allergies, breathing problems and skin rashes.
  3. They help stimulate a pregnant woman get the relaxing rest and sleep she needs through the pregnancy period.
  4. You can even use it while breastfeeding to prop yourself in a comfortable position.
  5. The pillows can be used even beyond pregnancy and nursing for comfort and relaxation.

Choosing the Best Pregnancy Pillow

When you’re trying to decide on which pregnancy pillow to purchase, you should consider the following factors;

  • Material: If you are prone to allergies, this should be your first concern. You should go for pillows designed with a good quality organic fabric, has a detachable cover so you can easily have it washed, and should contain no allergens. It should be soft and safe for your skin.
  • Design: Depending on if you have any aches or discomfort; you should choose a design that helps the affected area to relax.
  • Size: This depends on the user’s preference. If you prefer full body support, you should go for the large pillows. If you just want less pressure on your back or neck, a wedge pillow should suit you better.
  • Flexibility: If you’d rather use your pregnancy pillow in a variety of positions, you should go for the long ones.
  • Doctor’s Advice: It is best you seek your doctor’s advice before you get any pregnancy pillow so he can recommend a suitable design.

There are many pillow brands available to choose from. Based on the customer feedback, here are some you could try:

Top 5  Best Pregnancy Pillows

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

Leachco Snoogle Total Body PillowThis pillow is large and curved at both the top and bottom. It is designed to fully support your body; from your head, neck, to your back and belly down to your legs – this pregnancy pillow helps you get as comfortable as possible. The users rated it highly as it effectively reduced body aches related to pregnancy.

The few complaints were that it is relatively pricey and more petite women found it cumbersome. The positive feedback however, far outnumbered the unpleasant experience, showing many customers were satisfied with the purchase.

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Oversized – Total Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow

Oversized - Total Body Pregnancy Maternity PillowThis offers full body support and truly helps you get better rest and sleep. Most people who used it, pregnant or not, reported better body relaxation and comfort. The pillow is also of proper firmness so you get the support your body needs in pregnancy.

The users rated it highly, with almost all of them saying it significantly reduced backaches and other discomforts. You sleep much better with this pillow.

The feedback was not all pleasant however. A few persons reported that their pillow filling formed balls and knots after a few months of usage. On the whole, much more users are satisfied with the product and you could give it a try.

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Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow

Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow
This is another well designed Boppy Pregnancy Pillow. It is longer than most other pillows, and you can detach the pieces to get it to any length that works better for you. Many persons who used it experienced better sleep and less body discomfort. It helps ease the back and hip pain experienced by a lot of pregnant women.

The negative feedback was on the materials used for the pillow. The pillow lost its firmness after a few months of use and the price was rather high.

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KHOMO Extra Light Full Body Maternity Pillow

KHOMO Extra Light Full Body Maternity Pillow
This is another great pregnancy pillow that the customers were satisfied with. A lot of the users reported considerable relief from back and hip aches. It also provided adequate side support.

The firmness of the pillow is ideal and the material was adequate as well. The cover is detachable so you can have it washed and ironed for your maximum comfort. The pillow is not bulky although still large enough for full body comfort. There were minimal complaints about the product.

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Memory Foam Body Pillow

Memory Foam Body Pillow
This is a pregnancy pillow designed to support the neck, back and hips when lying down. You can also position it to support any other body part you prefer. The pillow is made of soft materials that still offer the required density for body support.

The users said they experienced considerable relief in their back and hip area when they used this pillow. You do not need to wake up to re-fluff it when sleeping as the firmness is just right. The feedback was mostly positive and some users hoped to get more colorful covers for the pillow. You can give this pillow a try.

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While pregnancy has its own unique discomforts, you should try as much as possible to get adequate rest. When you’re relaxed, you can better deal with the general aches you might get through your pregnancy phase. Make yourself as comfortable as you can. Eat healthy diets, get some mild exercise, and ensure you get adequate sleep as well so you will have a pleasant pregnancy experience. A healthy baby is what we look forward to at the end of it all. You should also be in proper health and shape after giving birth to your beautiful child.