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A Guide to The Best Sleep Apnea Pillow By Professional Pillows

The market is flooded with sleep apnea pillows all of which are promising to deliver the best of quality and fulfillment of their functionality. While they appear to resemble other pillows physically, they come with special features to help relieve individuals of sleep apnea symptoms. Though there are other options that will help with sleep apnea, sleeping with specifically designed sleep apnea pillows will serve the objective.

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What is a Sleep Apnea Pillow?

There are majorly two types of sleep apnea pillows in the market, which are defined by how they function. One type is that which seeks to reduce apnea whereas the other types are pillows designed for CPAP users. However, both types of pillows are seeking the key objective of helping people who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea sleep better and relieve them of the symptoms.

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They meet their objective by allowing the individual the ability to adjust their sleeping position, which reduces the number of apnea when sleeping. In this, due to your sleeping position, you are able to enjoy more oxygen into your body. They will help prevent you from rolling on your back when sleeping which makes you highlight your apnea symptoms.

Advantages of a Sleep Apnea Pillow

Sleep apnea pillows come with a number of benefits for persons diagnosed with sleep apnea though other individuals can use them too. The benefits derived from persons suffering from sleep apnea include:

  • It will help you ease your breathing by ensuring that the airway is not obstructed.
  • They derive comfort when asleep.
  • They retain a desired sleeping position as required to control sleep apnea symptoms.
  • They boost neck support as well as the spinal cord alignment.


How to find the Best Sleep Apnea Pillow

Though the market is flooded with several sleep apnea pillows, there are factors to put into consideration before settling for this type of pillow. These include:

Look at the aspect of flexibility

Flexibility is a key feature to look at especially if you are looking to derive comfort as you minimize the symptoms of sleep apnea. It should at least allow for adjustment of its thickness and its overall shape. In this, you can add foam or remove it to help ensure comfort.

Consider one with some extra filling

The aspect of extra filling goes a long way into ensuring that your sleep apnea pillow does not go flat. In this, depending on the individual, you can use it in the long-term while at the same time feeling like it is good as new all through its use.

Consider one that allows for diversity

Sleep apnea pillows should come in handy in serving a number of purposes. Ensure that you get one that allows you sleep in more than one position, on your side or stomach, rather just on your side.

5 Best Sleep Apnea Pillow Reviews

With sleep apnea, it can be a discomfort for both you and those around you, as it gets difficult to sleep well. With the following pillows, you should be able to control sleep apnea symptoms.

1 Miles Kimball C-PAP Pillow

Miles Kimball C-PAP Pillow This pillow from Miles Kimball is simple, affordable, yet effective. It is designed to deliver comfort as well as safety. It will also function to ensure that an individual’s C-PAP and Bi-PAP mask remains in place without getting in your way by preventing pressure point from getting to the mask.

Also in an effort to promote comfort, it comes with polyester fill and due to its design and overall shape; you can sleep on your side or on your stomach. Its dimensions of 23L x 18W inches will derive comfort for everyone. However, it does not come with a pillow cover, which requires you to get one after purchase.

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2. Anti-snore Pillow

Anti-Snore Pillow, Helps End SnoringThe Anti-snore pillow from Cloud Soft is standing tall in the market thanks to its features. It is designed to ensure that you do not roll back and sleep on your side thanks to its foam insert.

You get to breathe easy because your airway is not distracted. It also serves well with persons who may have some allergies, as its filing is that of hypoallergenic downysoft. It also allows for flexibility as you can remove the foam insert and use it just like any other pillow when you are not actually sleeping.

In addition, it will fit into any pillowcase. For individuals who prefer height when sleeping, this pillow may not deliver this as it is soft and not firm.

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3. Science of Sleep SleePAP Pillow

Science of Sleep SleePAP PillowHudson Medical designed this Science of Sleep SleePAP pillow to help with sleep apnea. It is designed to keep you in position while at the same time delivering comfort.

It also meets medical compliance for individuals with C-PAP by retaining the mask’s position. This is achieved by preventing leaks from the mask and by managing the pressure points. You have the option to sleep on your side, stomach, or back. It will also come in handy if you go through plastic or orthodontic surgery.

Depending on the individual, you can reduce the filing if it is too much to prevent neck pains.

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4. Contour Products CPAP Sleep Aid Pillow

Contour Products CPAP Sleep Aid PillowContour Products is remaining competitive in the market. It is seeking to redefine comfort from its contoured shape, which helps to align your head, neck, and spine. In addition, it comes with a four-position lumbar support.

Other than comfort, this allows you to fold it, pack it and carry it along with you at all times. This can be a problem for individuals who prefer a firm pillow as it is rather firm. It also offers quality as it is designed to hold its shape even with long-term use.

In an effort to hold a CPAP mask effectively, it has patented hollow areas that seek to alleviate mask pressure and prevent any leaks.

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5. CPAPfit CPAP Pillow—Cool, Dry, Comfortable & Adjustable—for Sleep Apnea

CPAPfit CPAP Pillow—CoolPur-Sleep the creator of this pillow is promoting comfort, flexibility, as well as diversity. With this pillow, you can add or remove the move to suit your preferences.

This allows you to adjust its shape, thickness, as well as its softness thus being able to meet different needs. It will allow you sleep on your side, stomach, or back while still seeking to control sleep apnea symptoms. Its fill material is natural buckwheat hulls and shredded foam, which is durable.

It also comes with a zipper and some extra filling to enable you to use it longer without going flat.

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Sleep apnea pillows seek to relieve individuals from their symptoms while at the same time ensuring that they remain comfortable. It is therefore, important that you shop around to find a pillow that will meet your needs, wants, and preferences. With a guide on the factors to consider and the overall advantages of sleep apnea pillows, you should be able to make a decision on the product to settle for.