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Royal Hotel Goose Down Pillow

For many people, a good night’s sleep is one of the most essential parts of their week. So when it comes to choosing the best pillow for your night’s rest, you’ll want to be sure to get a set that meets your needs. Unlike other pillows, Royal Hotel’s Goose Down Pillows has just the right mix of craftsmanship and quality materials that ensures your comfort. Living in luxury has never been more simple or well-priced. Comparable pillows just don’t measure up either in terms of manufacture or price.

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Features of Royal Hotel’s Goose Down Pillow

When it comes to selecting a pillow set that is right for you, you’ll want to consider the various features of each to make the best decision. Royal Hotel takes the utmost pride in it’s collection to bring you a pillow set that’s second to none. Here’s some highlights for this set:

  • 500 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Cover guarantees a softer night sleep.
  • Piping that is double silky, so that the edges of your pillows are just as smooth
  • These pillows are made to be allergy free for that extra special touch.
  • 35 oz of quality, authentic goose down promises a sleep-filled night of luxury
  • King size of 20 by 36 inches means you’ll have plenty of room for your head and neck
  • Hand plucked good feathers guarantee the right amount of fill for each pillow.

And You’ll Feel the Benefits of these Pillows

What matters most is how these features translate into a beautiful night’s sleep. If they look great, but don’t measure up at night, you won’t be getting what you really need. However, whilethere are many different pillows on the market, none truly have the reputation of Royal Hotel’s, and none match the benefits you’ll get from them.

  • Neck and back pain will decrease as your frame receives the support that it needs
  • Sleepers who are more sensitive can enjoy sleep that is less interpreted
  • You can rest assured that you’ll have maximum comfort throughout the night
  • More pleasant dreams means less stress throughout your day
  • No allergy reactions for those who suffer from any issues
  • Luxurious quality priced to sell means your wallet won’t be hurting
  • The clean and simple look will incorporate well with any existing bedroom decor

When it comes to selecting a set of pillows, just about any one will do the job. But many leave us with sore necks the next morning or don’t have the level of quality we’re looking for.

In addition, many other companies produce pillows that feel good, but aren’t filled adequately as they look to skimp to save a few dollars. It’s refreshing to see a company like Royal Hotel putting out pillow sets that meet all the necessary requirements fora good night’s sleep, but also a set that looks as good as it feels.

For these goose down pillows, form finally does meet function, and you get the best of all worlds. This set is definitely worth considering for your next pillow purchase and is a strong contender in the bedding marketplace.

Check out the Royal Hotel’s Goose Down Pillow¬†on Amazon