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Review: The Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow

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The Arc4Life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow is the one pillow for life that you will always need. This is because it is a very special kind of pillow. Why is that? It is because it is a very high quality and specialized type of pillow in its own right like no other. What this amazing pillow can do is lots of good things for those who suffer from neck pain and other forms of pain that may prevent them from sleeping comfortably during the night.

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What are some of the outstanding features of this wonderful pillow?

TheArc4Life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow is a Number #1 Pillow for a lot of Number #1 reasons. One of these reasons is because it can assist in restoring the normal neck C-curve, help to improve one’s posture, and relieve both neck and back pain a major way.

It can also help to promote restful sleep for those who suffer regularly from neck and back pain on the average. Some of the awesome features of this great pillow do include the following. This pillow helps to relieve pressure on both your head and neck. Because they are supported in a correct way.

What this does is make for very satisfying sleep and will have one waking up in the morning totally pain free. You will also be able to experience very deep sleep. Because your body learns to relax completely when using this wondrous pillow.

You will also experience much better posture with this pillow. The spine gets naturally aligned in a very natural kind of way. This pillow is also designed with total comfort and pain relief in mind.

It is stuffed with only the very best polyester fiber and is calibrated to only the most universal accepted firmness. This universal accepted firmness is what creates the perfect balance of firmness and softness that is possible.

What are the advantages of this pillow over other pillows on the market?

The Arc4Life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow has many benefits. These many benefits are something that can be seen and felt as the person uses the pillow. It will not only help to relieve neck and back pain in a huge way, but it will also, improve the quality of sleep three fold as well.

Those who suffer from neck and back pain will appreciate this excellent pillow just because it is excellent in detail. They can take full advantage of the traction side of the pillow for sleeping purposes. This traction side helps to give the cervical spine gentle stretch and lots of valid support for sleeping.

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The entire pillow was constructed with one intention and that was to promote very comfortable and relaxing sleep for pain sufferers especially. This is not saying that anyone can’t benefit from this pillow. Because everyone can. It is just saying that is you have constant pain. This pillow is a true miracle in helping to lessen that pain and to make you sleep far better than any other pillow can.

What are customers saying about the Arc4Life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow?

Customers on are showing real praise for this miracle pillow in the reviews they are leaving behind. People are raving about it. They are saying that it is an awesome pillow, it is the pillow they love, and I love it because I have no more pain or stiffness.


These words in itself do attest to just how fantastic this pillow is in essence. The overall rating from star aspect for this pillow by these reviewers is 3.9 out of 5 possible stars.

TheArc4Life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow is truly a wonder of pain relief and total relaxation. It is the ideal pillow for anyone and everyone who does appreciate it for all that it is in reality.

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Review: Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover

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A good, comfortable pillow greatly contributes to peaceful sleep. When you use a pillow that does not give you the adequate support you need, it could result to neck and back pain. You need a plush pillow that properly supports your head; and is comfortable as well. The Shredded memory foam pillow with bamboo cover offers you all the breathability, and plushness required to give you the best comfort while you sleep.

Before you purchase any pillow, you should thoroughly consider its inherent features, benefits and possible disadvantages, so you get the best experience out from your purchase.

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Features of the Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover by Coop Home Goods - 1

  1. It is made with the Shredded Memory Foam Technology that lets the user fluff up or thin out the pillow for the perfect support. This allows you to find the right support level for different sleeping positions.
  2. To help optimally regulate its temperature and keep your body cool, this memory foam pillow is finished with a unique Ultra Soft Proprietary Bamboo Polyester Blend Fabric.
  3. Compared to other regular memory foam pillows, the Shredded Memory Foam permits better air circulation through it.
  4. The pillow is dust mite resistant and also hypoallergenic due to the memory foam quality and bamboo fabric used in producing it.
  5. The pillow’s covering can be removed and cleaned out. It is made of a machine washable fabric for added convenience. The product comes with a 5 year warranty as well.
Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover by Coop Home Goods - 4

Benefits of using the Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

You get up feeling refreshed and invigorated after using this pillow, because it is adequately firm and fluffy. You don’t need to wake up and adjust the pillow to conform better to your head. It stays the right way you need it, so you get proper rest.

The product is moderately priced for the comfort and quality it offers.

It keeps your body well supported during sleep, so you experience less aches and discomfort in your neck, back and waist region.

The temperature of the pillow stays constant throughout your night sleep, because of its superior air venting construction. This means you stay cool and comfortable while you sleep.

The product arrives on time after ordering, and is also beautifully packaged. The pillow makers are renowned for great customer service so you will get good after sales support.

  • Minor Issues You Might Have with the Pillow
  • The pillow looks odd at first because they come tightly rolled together and vacuum packed.
  • There might be a faint plastic odor when the packaging is removed.


Some persons find the pillows to be lumpy and uneven. After a few users washed the pillow, they found it took a lot of effort to dry it. It might be expensive for some individuals.

Real Customer Feedback

Most of the users were satisfied with their purchase. A high percentage of the customers gave the pillow a five star rating. The feedback was mostly positive with only a few complaints.

Even the older users reported positively on the product. There were instances where the customer experienced less body discomfort than before, following the use of the shredded memory foam pillow.


The features of the pillow offer great benefits that outweigh the initial cost of purchase. If you are looking for a moderately priced pillow that will give you comfort, you should give this product a try. The body needs proper rest and sleep to function optimally and this product helps you to achieve that

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COCCYX Cushion Donut Pillow Review


There are different kinds of pillows being sold today, which fits different types of individual needs. These different kinds of pillows are, obviously, being sold in stores and online. Whether you need to take naps while traveling, relieve certain ailments, or just sleep on your bed, there are a lot of considerations that need to be made before making your purchase.

You would have to make a lot of different considerations when buying a pillow, because not all pillows are used for the same thing, such as sleeping. Some can be used for sitting and others can be used for only a specific group of people, such as children and babies. The pillow that will be reviewed at the moment will be the COCCYX Cushion Donut Pillow, which adults and children alike can use.

What are some of amazing features of the COCCYX Cushion Donut Pillow?

COCCYX CUSHION - COMFORT DONUT PILLOW - 1The COCCYX Cushion Donut pillow is not necessarily one that you would sleep on, but it is something you could sit on for relieving back pain. The pillow claims to relieve back pain no matter what chair it is used on. It even says that it can relieve back pain for those who require wheelchairs.

Some of the features that come with this pillow are mainly memory foam, which does not lose its shape quickly. Some other features this pillow claims to have are that it is machine washable, and it supposedly provides relief and support for multiple years.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of this COCCYX Cushion Donut Pillow?

There are some advantages, then, to using the COCCYX Cushion Donut Pillow. The main advantage is that it relieves back pain for those who sit on it. It claims to also improve posture and relieve pressure. It does so, because of how it is made. Because of the way the donut pillow is made, it makes the relief of back pain a lot easier to deal with. Basically, it does what it claims to do!COCCYX CUSHION - COMFORT DONUT PILLOW - 3

Another advantage of using this pillow is that it does come in more than one color. The three colors it comes in is either gray, blue, or black, which are neutrals that anyone buying this pillow would love. This product even fits a wide variety of different sizes! This is a huge advantage, because people of all different sizes will need the pillow if they want to relieve their back pain and their other ailments relating to the use of this pillow.

As there are advantages of using this pillow, there are also some disadvantages. One of the disadvantages of the pillow is the price. The cost is around $45! Yes, the pillow is made of memory foam and relieves back pain, but there are cheaper ones out there that are made of the same materials and do the same exact thing. Another disadvantage of using this pillow is that not everyone likes the feel of this pillow. Some people prefer soft pillows while others like them to be more firm. The last disadvantage I would like to mention is that while the pillow is supposed to be thick, it does prove to be too thick for some. Again, this all has to deal with each individual and their preferences as well as needs.

In conclusion, the COCCYX Cushion Donut Pillow is a great pillow for back pain, but you will have to consider your budget and your preferences before purchasing the pillow!