Outdoor Throw Pillows Pillow Guide

A Guide To Choosing the Best Outdoor Throw Pillows

When the weather turns warm and sunshine is promised for the day, nothing is better than curling up outside on a comfy lawn or deck chair. Adding to that extra measure of comfort is a well made outdoor throw pillow. It is great to have several to tuck under your head or feet, in just the right spot to prepare for a long leisurely afternoon or a quick nap.

What is best about these casual items is that you can purchase what you like, and mix and match them to add to your existing decor. They are not usually part of a set of furniture, but are available in so many different colors and themes that it is easy to use them most anywhere.

What is an outdoor throw pillow?

Throw pillows made for outside living are colorful and sturdy. They are designed specifically to add to the decor typical of patios, decks and gathering spaces. Their colors are bright to complement the festive activities and vivid colors of popular outdoor furniture and spaces. Storing them in a large basket or other container keeps them close by, and picking up one or two on your way to your favorite spot is easy to do.

Outdoor throw pillows are a special breed. They are the sturdiest of all, because they are made from materials that can withstand a lot of sun with minimal fading. They are usually made of washable and durable fabrics. Some come with a UV rating which tells you that they are capable of resisting fading for an estimated amount of hours. Others are moisture, mold and mildew resistant, which makes them perfect for use in humid climates and near swimming pools or spas.

How do I find the best outdoor throw pillows?

Finding just the right ones is a matter of looking for several key points. Start with the fabric. Polyester is a top choice for many because it holds up under use much better than cotton. It should be treated to resist stains. It should also be hand washable with any mild dish or laundry soap. The seams should be stitched with strong and durable polyester thread. Some of the nicest designs include covered cording along the stitching lines, which adds strength and give a nicely tailored appearance.

1. Indoor/Outdoor Flocked Together Decorative Throw Pillow

Outdoor Decorative Throw PillowFeaturing the work of artist Martha Collins, this set to two beautiful, made in the USA pillows is specifically created to hold up outdoors through the major outdoor living seasons. The vibrant colors are part of the weather proof fabric. It will resist fading and moisture, making it perfect for poolside use. Other areas, such as your porch, deck or patio will benefit from the bright and cheerful design. With over 500 reviews, and a five star rating, this is a good buy. The artwork is the same on both sides, increasing the value of this item.

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2. Greendale Home Fashions Indoor/Outdoor, Summer, Accent Pillows

Greendale Home Fashions Indoor or Outdoor Accent Pillows

The blue and green geometric prints of this 100% polyester set of two makes this purchase a popular one. Made from recycled bottles, the filling is stuffed full to offer a comfortable, supportive spot for resting. The fabric is resistant to UV lighting, making it a perfect choice for outdoor decorating. These are offered in 17 inch squares. This is a made in the USA product, stitched for comfort and durability. Summer is one of many available fabric choices for this handy duo. Other selections are easily chosen using the drop down menu.

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3. Pillow Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Splish Splash Corded Throw Pillow

Pillow Perfect Indoor or Outdoor Splish Splash Corded Throw PillowThis 18.5 inch blue pillow comes in a set of two. The under the sea theme is perfect for decor that features assorted blues and greens. The design features fish, starfish and an abundance of seaweed and algae floating gracefully in this underwater scene. The ocean is a favorite summertime topic, and this set promotes the feeling of easy living so often associated with vacation visits to the shore.

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4. Dakotah Pillow Set, Hockley, Mandarin, Set of 2

Dakotah Pillow Set, Hockley, Mandarin, Set of 2This vibrant set features a striking cream colored geometric design over a deep orange background. The made in the USA pillows can be hand cleaned, and are completely made of durable polyester. These are perfect for an outdoor patio room that needs a bright spot of color added. The company also makes sets in numerous other color choices, so buying what suits each design theme is easy. The crisp corded edges are durable, and the simple pleasing design easy to mix and match with other favorites.

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5. Pillow Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Annie Westport Reversible Corded Throw Pillow

Outdoor Annie Westport Reversible Corded Throw Pillow
This set is a perfect choice for a warm color design theme. This is polyester fabric, which is durable and resistant to the outdoor elements. The rich chocolate color of this pattern is soothing and welcoming. It will guard against fading, moisture, mildew, stains and mold.A good choice for homes that prefer to accent the natural, earthy elements in a country setting, anyone with a warm toned decor will enjoy adding these to their collection. These are constructed with durable corded edges and are easily washed by hand with a gentle soap. The size is 18.5 inches square, and the pillows are stuffed with completely recycled fiberfill made of polyester. The company offers several other color themes and pattern choices similar to this one.

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When the outdoors beckons, and life is lived on your porch, deck, patio or poolside, then relaxing and comfort is the main theme. Purchasing your favorite outdoor throw pillows can go far to offering that extra touch of welcome to your home. Whether it be for your family or invited guests, the soft comfortable feel of these little extras can make the difference between an average outdoor space and a truly delightful outside living room. There are as many colors, themes and sizes to match just about any preference. These will be the most versatile of any items you will use. Just collect the ones you like most and leave them in random spots. They will do their job of inviting anyone to come and snuggle in for awhile.

Pillow Guide

Enhancing Your Home Décor with Best Decorative Pillows

When the décor in a home is basically plain and uninteresting, there’s need for a touch of style to enhance the aesthetic appearance. A home with the right furnishing is more appealing to live in than one you might find boring. The little details that are used to improve the style and comfort level of a home, all contribute to making the place a fun and interesting habitat.

From the upholstery to the curtains, paintings, lighting and flooring; you need to have them all properly coordinated. However, most of the items used for enhancing home décor may come at a higher price. But the satisfaction you will get from the lovely aesthetics of your home is worth the effort.

Throw pillows can also be referred to as cushions. They come in various shapes such as circular, rectangular, or the cylindrical ones known as bolsters. The most common throw pillows are the square-shaped ones measuring about 15 to 19 inches at the edges. Various materials are used in making the covers of decorative pillows.

The textiles may be leather, silk, faux suede, microfiber suede, linen, cotton or hemp. Recently, people have become more interested in throw pillows as an artistic medium. This has resulted in a wider range of intricately embellished styles and looks being available. Its use has even stretched to the professional environments, as some offices place their company photos and logos on pillows to give them a corporate, personalized look.


Benefits of using Throw Pillows at your Home

  1. Decorative throw pillows can be used to give your room a polished, interesting and unique style finish.
  2. Some throw pillows can be used for additional neck, back, hips and leg support when sitting, lounging or lying down.
  3. They are versatile decorating accessories which you can use as an armrest when sitting, or a headrest when you are relaxing on your favorite couch.
  4. The cylindrical pillows can be used as crib bumpers to protect a child, or place the heavier ones by a toddler’s bed sides to reduce falling hazards.


How to Choose Suitable Throw Pillows

Decorative throw pillows can make a huge difference in your home styling, and make the place look polished. However, you need to know the best ones to choose and how many to use. Poorly designed pillows and having too many throw pillows around, is counterproductive and can mar the look of the room. When going to buy, it helps to have a picture of the room you wish to further decorate so that you get a realistic judgment of exactly what suits your existing décor. Here’s what you should know:

  • The size of your chair, sofa or anywhere else you wish to place the pillows, determines the size or shape you should choose. Larger pillows suit bigger sofas better, as small throw pillows tend to look out of balance. Oversized pillows are more suitable for large furniture that has ample seating space. You should go for the small pillows if you need them for a compact sofa or a delicate side chair. This way, you don’t encounter the inconvenience of moving them about when you wish to sit.
  • Try not to use too many throw pillows as they would probably overwhelm the look. Having too many throw pillows on your sofas also means you have to keep pushing them out of the way to create sitting space. That inconvenience can be avoided by choosing a number that is just enough to offer the décor lift you need and gives a balanced look.
  • There are different materials used for filling the inner pillow. The typical materials are foam, feathers, a synthetic mix or goose down. The pricier filing is goose down but it is softer and of a higher quality than other filing materials. Cheap decorative pillows may be ideal on a tight budget but when a throw pillow is stuffed with low quality filings it become flat, lumpy and shapeless after a while. The higher quality pillows regain their shape easily when fluffed, even when used often.
  • Choose the pillow shapes based on how you wish to use them. Square shaped ones offer better support when you are lounging. Bolsters, which are the cylindrical ones, serve well for leather sofas as they won’t be slipping down.
  • Their colors and patterns also matter. Try to create balance by alternating patterned pillows with neutral colored ones. You can mix patterns if they have colors in common. Aim for a polished, harmonious look in however way you choose to arrange them.
  • Consider your personal style and taste as well when choosing decorative pillows. The look will vary if you prefer eclectic, classic, minimalist or modern style schemes.

5 Best Decorative Pillow Reviews

DOZZZ 2 Pack Corduroy Solid Accent Decorative

DOZZZ Corduroy Solid Accent Decorative Sofa TossThis throw pillow is finished with a contrasting velvet fabric with side cording. It measures 18 x 18 inches, and comes in a set of two pillows. When the covers get dirty, spot cleaning is recommended.

The customers were mostly impressed by the color tone used on the pillows, and its soft filing. They are of high quality and the color tones fit into most home décors. This is a great product for you to try. The only complaints were on the high price, but the high quality compensates for the cost.

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Euro Pillow with Pillow Protectors

Set of 2 - 26 x 26 - Down Alternative - Euro Pillow

This comes in a set of two pillows with removable protectors included. They measure a full 26 x 26 inches with a good quality, odorless filing. The filing is made of down alternative, so you don’t have to worry about being inconvenienced by feathers.

The zippered covers were liked by many customers. The large size makes them suitable for roomy furniture or even your bed. If you prefer larger decorative pillows, you should try this product. When you get over the price, you will be satisfied by the comfort and aesthetics the pillows offer.

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Laurel Burch Feline Family Portrait Oblong Pillow

Laurel Burch 13-inch by 24-inch Feline Family Portrait Oblong Pillow

Featuring a beautiful rendition of cats, this is a great pillow for adding some interest and color to your home décor. The decorative pillow cover is made of faux suede that is so soft; you will like its feel against your skin. It is 18 x 18 inches round the edges.

Most of the users gave it very high ratings, and found it suitable for their larger chairs. The negative comments were basically on the high price of the product. The lovely design, neat finishing and high quality make up for the price tag.

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Brentwood 18-inch Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow

Brentwood 18-Inch Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow, White

The pillow features soft, luxurious faux fur with an equally good quality faux suede lining underneath. It is great for adding a dramatic touch to your home, and even your office.

The filing is made from pure polyester. When it gets a bit dirty, it’s easy for you to wipe clean using a damp piece of cloth. The customers liked the neat finishing and it worked well for both sofas and beds. The fur might trap dust easily so you need to wipe it clean often.

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Grand down All Season down Alternative Standard Pillow Set

Grand Down All Season Down Alternative Standard Pillow set

These pillows are so soft and comfortable; you would want to purchase enough for both your chairs and your bed. The covering is made of a hypoallergenic, machine washable fabric.

You can easily fluff them up to get in shape. It will serve well for your larger lounging sofas and you can use them just as well on your bed. Many users were impressed by the soft, luxurious and comfortable feel it gave. Some persons however, complained the pillow flattens out way too easily and you have to keep re-fluffing.

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If you already have your sofas and cabinets sorted, you should consider adding decorative pillows. Decorative throw pillows, sometimes called toss pillows, are a great way to match the color accent scheme of a room. You can get throw pillows that go with your rugs, the drapes or other interesting features in the room.

They are small pillows mostly used for decorative purposes, although they have a functional purpose. Decorative throw pillows usually have a feather pillow form used as its stuffing, with an intricately designed removable cover. You can purchase extra decorative pillow covers that match the size of the throw pillows you already have. That way, you can switch up the designs at intervals to give the room different appeals.


Adding some glamour to your home does not have to be a major project. While purchasing new furniture, changing your flooring or reworking your wall paintings help improve a home, the smaller details also help. Decorative pillows are a great means for you to coordinate the color scheme of your décor.

You can also use the pillows to enhance your relaxation experience when you are lounging on your favorite sofa.